Types of Exercises/Tests

Our platform provides a variety of exercise and test types for students, including Self Learning, Exercises, Tests, and AI-based Assessments. Each of these types serves a unique purpose and offers distinct features to both teachers and students.

Self Learning allows students to create exercises for themselves at their own pace. They have the ability to set the difficulty levels of all questions before starting.

Exercises and Tests are assigned by teachers to their students. With Exercises, teachers can select the scope of Learning Objectives and set the question difficulty manually or choose to let the system automatically set the difficulty levels to best fit the students who will receive the Exercises. Tests are similar to Exercises but with time limits for students to submit their answers. Additionally, student performance is used to estimate their abilities and re-calibrate the difficulty of questions.

AI-based Assessment is an exercise type that enables students to create their own assessments when they feel confident in their abilities in certain Learning Units or Learning Objectives. Students need to select the scope of Learning Objectives, and the system will set the number of questions and assign the next question difficulty in real-time. The results are used to estimate the students’ abilities and re-calibrate the difficulty of questions.

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