Account Management

Account management for Students

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B. Add New Student

  1. Form
  2. Class
  3. Class No.
  4. Student Number
  5. Student personal details and password
  6. Submit

C. Import Students

Import students from a CSV file.

  1. Select Mode
    – New Student Import: Import New Students
    – Update Student: Import the change of classes of students in current year
  2. Select School Year: Select the school year of the importing students
  3. Upload CSV File: Select the CSV file
  4. Submit


  • Please use Unicode format for Chinese Characters in the CSV file.
  • Class names must follow the format of “A, B, C, D..Z”.
  • Class Nos. can either be numeric or alphanumeric (i.e., a combination of numbers and letters).
  • If Forms or Classes are not created, they will be auto-created during import.
Import CSV file format

D. Export Students

E. Delete

  • Bulk delete records

F. Seach Tools

G. Student Records

H. Edit

  1. Form
  2. Class
    • “A, B, C, D..Z”.
  3. Class No.
    • Numeric or alphanumeric (i.e., a combination of numbers and letters)
  4. Student Code
    • Read-only
    • Generated by “Form” + “Class” + “Class No.”
  5. Student Number
  6. Student Details
  7. Submit

I. Delete

J. Class Promotion

  • View class promotion history of the student

K. View Profile

  • View student profile

L. Change Password

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