1. Learn the colours representing different study status:

  • Struggling (red)
  • Beginning (orange)
  • ApproachingĀ 
  • ProficientĀ 
  • Advanced (green)
  • Incomplete (grey)

2. Learn the colours representing the difficulty levels of the questions:

  • Level 1 (green)
  • Level 2 (yellow)
  • Level 3 (orange)
  • Level 4 (pink)
  • Level 5 (red)

3. Select ‘Test’ or ‘Exercise’ for self-learning.

4. Click ‘Create Self-Learning Test or Exercise’.

A. Select one or more strands of the test or exercise.
B. Select one or more learning units.
C. Select one or more learning objectives.
D. Select the difficulty setting, either ‘Manual Mode’ or ‘Auto Mode’. ‘Manual’ means setting the difficulty level manually whereas ‘Auto’ means that the system (AI) will assign questions which suit the abilities of the selected students in real time automatically.

E. Select one or more difficulty levels. (for Manual Mode only)
F. Enter the number of questions.
G. Click ‘Submit’. 

5. Evaluate student result based on the performance report.

6. Assess the question difficulty based on the chart and graph.

7. View configures.