Roles and Permissions

Our platform offers different roles and permissions to ensure that users have access to the appropriate data and functionality based on their responsibilities within the school. The roles include “Principal”, “Panel Head”, “Co-ordinator”, “Teacher”, and “Student”. The Principal, Panel Head, and Co-ordinator have access to all student data within the school, while teachers can only view data for the students in their assigned classes or peer groups. Additionally, we have designed a “School Admin Privilege” that allows certain roles to access administrative tasks such as student management, class management, teacher management, and curriculum management. This privilege is only available to the Principal, Panel Head, Co-ordinator, and Teacher roles, providing more flexibility for assigning administrative tasks without compromising data security.

Roles Table

RolesSchool Admin PrivilegePrincipalPanel HeadCo-ordinatorTeacherStudent
School ProfileYesYes
Account Management
– School UserYesYes
– StudentYesYes
Class Management
– Form / ClassYesYes
– Assign TeacherYesYes
– Enable GameYesYes
– Annual Credit AmountYesYes
User ActivityYesYes
My Account
– ProfileYesYesYesYesYes
– Change PasswordYesYesYesYesYes
Teaching and Learning
– Learning UnitYesYes
– Learning ObjectiveYesYes
– Exercise and Test WizardYesYesYesYes
– ClassYesYesYesAssigned Classes
– Peer GroupYesYesYesAssigned ClassesOwn
– Assign CreditYesYesYesAssigned Classes
– LeaderboardYesYesYesYesYes
– Self LearningYesYesYesAssigned ClassesOwn
– ExerciseYesYesYesAssigned ClassesOwn
– TestYesYesYesAssigned ClassesOwn
– AI-Based AssessmentYesYesYesAssigned ClassesOwn
– Learning Progress
– Learning UnitYesYesYesAssigned ClassesOwn
– Learning ObjectiveYesYesYesAssigned ClassesOwn
– Game Intro VideoYesYesYesYesYes
– Intelligent Tutor VideoYesYesYesYesYes
– Self LearningYes
– ExerciseYes
– TestYes
– AI-based AssessmentYes

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