The Learning module is an exclusive tool designed for students and offers various resources, including Self Learning, Exercises, Tests, AI-based Assessment, Intelligent Tutors, and Peer Groups.

Using this module, students can complete the Exercises and Tests assigned by teachers and view their reports. Moreover, they can create their own Self Learning Exercises and AI-based Assessments at their preferred pace and access the corresponding reports.

While working on Exercises and Tests, students can skip questions and revisit them before submission. However, in Self Learning and AI-based Assessment, the system re-estimates the student’s ability after each submission to generate the next question. Therefore, students cannot skip or revisit questions and must submit their answers within the time limit. Otherwise, the system disregards their results.

In the Intelligent Tutor module, students can access educational videos to enhance their learning experience.

The online chat feature in the Peer Group section allows students to collaborate and exchange ideas with their peers.

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