Interface Overview

The platform’s User Interface features a wide range of intuitive and user-friendly elements. Positioned on the top left, the profile picture can be personalized by users through their profile settings. Beneath it, the main menu varies based on the user’s role.

To the right of the profile picture, a menu-style switch button enables users to alternate between icon-based or text-based menus. The school logo is also displayed in this section.

In the top right corner, users can view the current school year and switch to different years to access corresponding data. Additionally, the user’s name is prominently displayed here. A language switch allows users to select between English or Traditional Chinese.

Furthermore, each page features a corresponding title that corresponds to the current menu item. Beneath the title, some pages include search tools to assist users in locating targeted data records.

Depending on the nature of the current menu item, some data records will have action icons on the right side. Hovering over these icons will display the type of operation that can be performed on the data record, such as generating a report, editing data, and more.

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