This function is for the super administrator to generate and send tests or exercises to the school administrators who will publish and assign the tests or exercises to their students.


  1. Click ‘Generate Questions’.
  2. Use of Mode
    • As a Test/ Exercise ( generate test or exericise)
    • As a Collection of Questions (future feature to be developed)
  1. Select a type, either a test or an exercise to generate.
  1. Create a title for the test or exercise.
  2. Set a start date to publish the test or exercise.
  3. Set a start time. (optional)
  4. Set an end date, i.e. a submission deadline, for the test or exercise.
  5. Set an end time. (optional)
  6. Select a report date out of three choices. ‘End Date’ means a report is published after the deadline. ‘Submit’ means a report is published after submission. ‘Custom Date’ refers to setting a customised publish date.
  7. Enter the number of trials for each question. (for exercise only)
  8. Select the difficulty setting, either ‘Manual Mode’ or ‘Auto Mode’. ‘Manual’ means setting the difficulty level manually whereas ‘Auto’ means that the system (AI) will assign questions which suit the abilities of the selected students in real time automatically.
  9. Select one or more difficulty levels. (for Manual Mode only)
  1. Select and enable ‘Display Hint’ if applicable. (for exercise only)
  1. Select and enable ‘Display Full Solution’ if applicable.
  1. Display per Answer Hint
    • display hint of each answer if enabled
  1. Randomize Answers
    • randomize Answers if enabled
  1. Select and enable ‘Randomize Order of Questions’ if applicable.
  1. Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the next page.