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Types of Exercises/Tests

The Exercise and Test Wizard is an easy-to-use interface that enables teachers to create exercises and tests for their students through Classes and Peer Groups. This module is accessible to all school users except for students. With just a few clicks, teachers can create an exercise or test, preview and modify the questions, and publish them to their students via Classes or Peer Groups.

The Exercise and Test Wizard provides teachers with a powerful tool for assessing their students’ knowledge and understanding of a given topic. By customizing the scope of Learning Objectives and selecting the appropriate question difficulty level, teachers can create exercises and tests that best fit their students’ needs. This module helps streamline the process of creating assessments, save teachers valuable time and allow them to focus on what matters most – teaching their students.

When creating Exercises/Tests, teachers can select the scope of Learning Objectives and manually set the question difficulty or choose to let the system automatically set the difficulty levels based on the abilities of the students who will receive the Exercises/Tests.

There is a time limit set in Tests.  The time spent in completing the Test and the subsequent student performance will be used to estimate their abilities and re-calibrate the difficulty of questions.

A. Back

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B. Generate Questions

Tab 1:

  1. Mode
    • Select Exercise or Test
  2. Title
    • Title of the Exercise or Test
  3. Dates
    • Select Start Date & Time and End Date & Time
  4. Report Date
    • End Date
      • The report will be published on the end date
    • After Submission
      • The report will be published to those students who have submitted their answers
    • Custom Date
      • Select a custom date
  5. Difficulty Setting
    • Manual
      • Set the difficulty level manually
    • AI Auto Fit
      • The difficulty level will be automatically set according to the student ability.
  6. Difficulty Level
    • Select the general difficulty level manually
  7. Credit Point Rules
    • Allow or disallow the assignment of credits based on specific criteria

Tab 2:

  1. Form/Classes
    • Select the classes of students to receive the Exercise or Test
  2. Select the Start Date & Time and the End Date & Time for each class
  3. Select individual students from the selected classes
  1. Student Peer Groups
    • Select the peer groups of students to receive the Exercise or Test
  2. Select the Start Date & Time and the End Date & Time for each peer group

Tab 3:

  1. Select Strands
  2. Select Learning Units
  3. Select Learning Objectives
  4. Set difficulty level for each Learning Objective
  5. Edit the number of questions per Learning Objective

Tab 4

i. Select a question.

  • Once a question is selected, its settings are copied to the buffer question on the right.

ii. Edit the settings of the buffer question.

iii. Refresh a new buffer question.

iv. Replace the selected question with the buffer question.

v. Add the buffer question.

vi. Adjust the position of the selected question.

vii. Save the wizard.

viii. Save the wizard and publish the exercise/test to the students.

C. Seach Box

D. Add Student/Group

  • After an Exercise/Test is published, the user can add more students to it using this button.
  • The user can only add students of the same classes or peer groups to the published exercise/test.

E. Submission Status

F. Review Configurations

G. Duplicate a wizard and put it into the draft mode for further editing

H. Changing the dates of a published wizard

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