AI-based Assessment


Types of Exercises/Tests

A. Result:

This detailed report provides users with a comprehensive overview of the specific AI-based Assessment, offering valuable insights into the student’s performance.

B. Difficulty Analysis:

The Difficulty Analysis presents users with a visual representation of the difficulty levels of questions in the AI-based Assessment, along with the corresponding number of questions for each difficulty level.

C. Configurations:

The Configurations report provides users with a detailed overview of the AI-based Assessment’s settings and configurations. This valuable information allows users to gain insights into the AI-based Assessments structure and setup, enabling them to tailor their approach to the material accordingly.

D. Create AI-based Assessment

E. Performance Graph:

The Performance Graph provides users with a visual representation of a student’s performance in the AI-based Assessment. This report analyzes the number of correct and incorrect answers in relation to the difficulty level of the questions.

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