Account Management

This section allows the creation and management of user accounts for the school. There are two types of accounts that can be created: (1) School User accounts, which include the roles of Principal, Panel Head, Coordinator, Teacher, and (2) Student accounts.

Before inputting student information, it is important to first create the corresponding Form and Class information within the system. This ensures that student data can be accurately and efficiently organized.

When creating student accounts, the system automatically generates a unique identifier called the “Student Code” by combining the Form, Class, and Class No. fields. For example, if a student is in Form 4, Class A, and has a Class No. of 40, their Student Code will be “4A40”. This code is used as the primary identifier for the student within the current school year.

It is important to note that Student Codes are re-generated at the beginning of each school year, as students move up to a new Form and Class level. Additionally, the Class No. field can be a string of text or numbers to provide more flexibility.

The system also allows for the bulk import of student data via CSV file, as well as bulk upgrades of student classes for the next school year.

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